Make a wish:

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The act of wishing.

The presence of wishing wells can be found in many cultures. The wish is not spoken but mentally enounced . Sometimes as a motivation or as wish that can concern success, love...
In many stories the way of pronouncing the wish is very important as it can be wrongly interpreted, and it can become very embarassing when the wwish comes true.

The wishing well is a particulary interesting type of wishing device as it involves a typical way of handling the act of wishing.
First the wisher must throw his wish away, generally embodied by a coin. By doing so his wish is literally extracted from him and not in his possession anymore. The coin can also be regarded as a price paid or donated to the well's guardian, who or whatever he may be, to show him respect, faith or gratitude.
Next his wish, the coin, falls into one of the four elements, water. Water that is supposed to have healing powers. Some would even drink the water from the well or fellow adventurers would even swim in it but those who have seen The Army of Darkness will not.

So will my wish be granted?

Will I mary my love? Will my boss promote me?
I want to be king, I want my cat to die, I want to find Gods, I want to find where Gods live in, I want to find where the Yeti lives in, I want to find where Gods live in and kick them out, I want to live with the Yeti where the Gods lived.

So many wishes have been made, how many have been fulfilled?
I want to be rich, I want to hang out with a top model, I want to be a top model, I want to hang out with me, I wanna watch people hanging out with me.

One thing is is worth trying.