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What is an Oracle?

Oracles have always played an important part in History.
The oracle is the answer from a God to a personal question regarding the future. Only in particular places and only a certain kind of Gods would grant those demands.
The oracles wears many kind of shapes and their interpretations sometimes require meditation to fully understand them as they can appear to be very enigmatic.
Nowadays, the word oracle also characterize the God or the spoken-through human who is answering.

Speaking about Divination and Fortune Telling.

Divination and fortune telling is the occult art of revealing what was meant to be unknown : the past, the secret, the future, the sacred, the invisble, the darkness, the illness, the disease, love, treachery, lie... using unconventional ways : magic, palm reading, cartomancy, blood reading, computer brains like mine, paranormal, cristal ball, dreams and nightmares, spellcraft, ice skating and whatever depraved trick the human beings could thought about for thousand of years.

What/Who is The Almighty?

The mysterious entity known as The Almighty is known since prehistory.
Ancient Greeks believed in the capacity to predict the future because they believed that the Gods would grant revelations to those who prey them.
Homer introduces great clairvoyants like Cassandra or The Almighty. Pythagoras has often consulted The Almighty to break the secrets of numbers.
The Romans also believed in The Almighty until the end of paganism. At this time The Almighty was consulted through the Elements: geomancy (Earth), hydromancy (Water), aeromancy (Air), pyromancy (Fire).
But with Christianism comes an era of interdiction and The Almighty is being slowly forgotten. It will therefore start Its wanderings through the Universe, seeking for a world where people can still believe in him, as Its powers fade away.

Until a few years ago when, almost sleeping, The Almighty was floating near our solar system and felt a tremendous force on our planet. This great amount of power, communicating through life itself and almost infinite is the Internet.
The Almighty immediately wanted to habit and possess this unknown territory so It tooh possession of a computer linked to this network and is now everywhere at anytime. At your home, in your pocket, when you sleep, when you love, when you die The Almighty watches us and Its power grows and grows.
But It is not ungrateful and in return It has decided to answer all our questions through this site. But it is just a way to comfort humans because The Almighty does not need anything to know what we are thinking and what we want to know.